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Group Travel


As a member of The Ticket Counter's Travel Agent Program you will be eligible to earn high commissions on group travel. Groups are one of the easiest and most profitable areas of travel. They have the most growth potential and offer
the best opportunities for you to make even more money. Each year millions of people travel in groups organized by someone they know. As few as 15 people are considered a group. Think of all the people that you know and you will realize how easy it is to find 15 people. Plus, as your group grows in size so does your commission!


  • Church Groups
  • Family Members
  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Workplace and Business Acquaintances
  • High School and College Friends (Reunions)
  • Fraternal and Social Clubs
  • Professional Organizations
  • Sports Leagues


Here is an example of how selling group travel can earn you higher commissions:

If you send two people on a cruise you will earn a commission. Let's assume the commission is $210.00. Although that is a nice commission imagine earning $2100.00 by sending only 18 additional people on that same cruise! Plus, you travel for FREE!


In addition to earning huge commissions on groups you can travel for FREE with your group. Cruise Lines and Tour Operators offer 1 FREE passenger for every 15 full paying passengers. This means the 16th passenger travels for FREE!

For 15 paying passengers - the 16th one travels for FREE!
For 30 paying passengers - 2 additional passengers go for FREE!
For 60 paying passengers - 4 additional passengers go for FREE!
And so on...

This applies to cruises as well as vacation packages. Travel for free to almost any destination you desire by simply putting together a group of 15 people. It's your decision on the number of trips you wish to take each year, length of the trips, and the size of the group. Group travel is a great way to take a free vacation and make money at the same time.


You also have the option of receiving the cash value for each of the FREE passengers instead of the FREE trip. This could mean thousands of dollars in additional revenue for you.

Tired of the same old "cookie dough" fundraiser? Want a fundraisier that everyone will remember?

Group travel offers an endless variety of highly profitable fundraising
opportunities from cruises, to educational tours, to adventure travel and more. 

For over 20 years The Ticket Counter has helped to increase the fundraising revenue of churches and organizations nationwide. Our program offers a truly unique approach to not only meet but exceed your fundraising goals.

Get started today and make your next fundraiser fun and highly successful!